Urgent Care Services

At Newbury Park Urgent Care, we offer a wide variety of medical services to individuals and companies. We’re open 7 days a week and happy to serve you.


Illness & Injury

We treat everything from allergies, rashes, and flu to sprains and broken bones. Our clinicians include board-certified doctors who are readily available to help you feel better soon.

Preventative Care

Protection from disease via immunization is crucial to both your health and the ones you love. That is why Newbury Park Urgent Care offers the following walk-in vaccinations 7 days a week.


Occupational Medicine

We understand that every employee is a vital link in a chain that keeps your business going. That’s why we are committed to providing your employees with the best possible care.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Care services support your employees by providing convenient pre-employment and ongoing testing and screenings 7 days a week.

Virtual Care

Newbury Park Urgent Care patients can now chat with healthcare providers from the comfort of their own home.  We’ve made it easy and safe.


Physical Therapy

We have a licensed Physical Therapist on-site, who is an expert in Workers Comp, Orthopedic Surgery Recovery and specialized Functional Manual therapy.